Share Your Story

We want to hear your story. Make a video, write a blog, take photos, draw a picture, paint a canvas, etc... that answers these 3 questions:

What does it mean to be black?
What does it mean to be Methodists?
What does it mean to be a Black Methodist?

While we wish we could come to every person with a story to tell, we understand that not feasible. So we put together this guide to help you share your story from home, your office, your church, wherever you feel comfortable. The following steps will assist you in your video creation.

  • Pray

    Ground yourself spiritually and mentally. Allow God to direct your words. Pray for the audience, pray for yourself and pray for God’s Church.

  • Find A Location

    Picking the right location is essential to ensuring that the message is the focus and not the background. Find a location with a neutral background and with limited noise interruptions. A smaller room will be ideal for sound preferably with a rug. Also a room with tons of natural light/big windows. If you have any questions about the room take a picture of the room, visit our contact page and send us a message and attach the image and we will give you some pointers on the location.

  • Practice Off Camera

    The camera can be intimidating. Practicing what you will say off camera can help you conquer “camera fright.” Find a mirror and look yourself square in the eyes and answer the questions. Be natural, no code switching necessary, we want the real you.

  • Set Up Your Camera

    Now its time to get “THE SHOT.” Make sure you are facing the window or the strongest light in the room is on your face. If you are using a smartphone, use your front facing camera so that you can see the shot. You can either use a tripod or hold it in your hand. Whatever make you feel most comfortable. Make sure your phone is on the best quality setting and now you’re ready to record.

  • Press Record

    Take a deep breathe. Shake out the Jitters. Press Record. Be Yourself. Share Your Story.

  • Upload

    The “easy” part is done. Review your video. It’s natural to over critique yourself and want to do 50 takes but it won’t take all of that. We aren’t searching for perfection we want authenticity. We are all authentically imperfect. Upload the video to Dropbox, Google Drive or One Drive and email us a link to:

  • Share with Us and the World

    We will email you an edited copy of the video for you to share on your own social media outlets. We will also share your video on our outlets and tag you in our posts.